GMLC Board Meeting Minutes

June 8, 2018

In attendance: Wendy Hysko, Richard Pritsky, Chris Kirby, Lisa Von Kann, and Cindy Weber.

Treasurer’s Report: Sent to Board by Kim who was not in attendance.

2019 Budget:

  • To receive the $10,000 grant from VtLib for LUV content, GMLC has to respond to the state’s grant invitation and we need to meet several conditions including a required cover letter, scope of work, etc. and expending the funds by August 31st. It was decided to speak with Mara, who was not attending meeting, to help us with the process.
  • Discussed: $516 for upgrade of Proxy Hosting; $2200 for Bywater hosting; unsure of $22,810 overdrive maintenance cost – Lisa will ask Diane; $9925 VOKAL cost to add Novelist; will add a Novelist content line to budget; will keep $10,000 in the development line; Diane said that QuickBooks is paid up until the year 2027; Richard warned that we are reaching a point as a non-profit when we will no longer be able to file the 990 EZ.
  • Lisa will edit the 2019 Budget and send out to the GMLC board.

LUV Logo:

  • The expense accrued for a new logo has been paid to Diana.
  • The decision for a new logo is being tabled until the fall.

10-Year Celebration:

  • Planning on having celebration on September 28.
  • Kim sent out a survey to gauge the interest in the get-together.
  • Cindy is still working with Trapp Brewhouse for the event.


  • Albany Public Library wants to join LUV. It received a Vermont Community Foundation grant of $500 for this purpose. The library has 25 library members, and population of the town is around 835. They asked Lisa if they could get a prorated fee for the remainder of the year. The board did not want to set this precedent. It was advised that they could consider teaming up with another library. Lisa will advise the library of their options.


Next meeting: August 10th.

Executive Session:

  • The board went into executive session to discuss Administrative Coordinator salary.