GMLC Board Meeting Minutes

February 8, 2019

In attendance: Wendy Hysko, Richard Pritsky, Chris Kirby, Lisa Von Kann, Kim Peine, Owen McDermott, and Cindy Weber.

Treasurer’s Report: Kim reported.

  • Some libraries are late on payments for Mango. It was decided it is best not to pro-rate membership fee with late enrollment.
  • The OverDrive budget ratio is currently 60% e-books and 40% audiobooks. There seems to be a bigger demand for audio now that new cars generally do not have CD players. The Collection Policy does not designate purchase ratio, so will look into evening out the ratio. Hannah will be consulted about the trend.
  • There’s $1000 in budget for marketing. There was a discussion on new rack cards for OverDrive. The rack cards need our website (GMLC OverDrive URL) printed on them and preferably the GMLC logo. Chris will work on the Libby rack cards.
  • There are some VOKAL developments in the works.
  • South Hero will be joining VOKAL this summer.
  • The budget looks good with 60% funds expended thus far this financial year.
  • Huntington is re-evaluating the price increase for LUV.

Overdrive Login Manager: Chris reported.

  • Chris spoke on the OverDrive Login Manager, which would be an alternative to EZProxy. A password would be required and the individual libraries will manage the logins individually. Chris thought we could use two libraries currently on EZProxy as a trial but the board worried about transition afterwards.
  • Chris will look further into EZProxy problem with Libby.

Instant Library Card Service: Owen reported.

  • Cost is 90 cents per user. Service eliminates multiple card users and allows non-patrons to use service.
  • Owen said it was a good way to grow the population of users.
  • Owen was trying to get some of his students to use the service.
  • 30 schools are now part of a consortium for downloadable materials – Vermont School Shared Digital Collection. OverDrive builds this collection for them. Subscription is $300 annually for 700 titles.
  • Kristen from OverDrive says that publishers are selling titles cheaper to schools.
  • Lisa will redirect questions about schools joining OverDrive to Owen.

Review Questions of “training collection” from Overdrive:

  • Discussion on adding titles for the purpose of training staff/patrons on how to use OverDrive. Considered low-cost titles.
  • Decided that the 20 copies of Vermont Reads title Brown Girl Dreaming can be used for this purpose. These titles were funded by the Vermont Humanities Council.
  • Discussion on providing a weekly ListenUp!Vermont tip. Lisa will talk to a potential Communication Liaison for this task. There could be a forum on the website to submit tips. Tips can be added to Facebook page and/or sent to listserv.

RBDigital Collection: Wendy reported.

  • Cool service, but not feasible for consortium at $4000. Not a huge cost savings. Each channel is an additional 2.99.
  • Each individual library will have to evaluate whether or not the available titles with this service is right for their patron audience.

Discuss people with multiple cards issue: Wendy reported.

  • Question/concern voiced on listserv.
  • Chris will look into limiting by patron type.
  • Multiple cards only work for SIP libraries.

Kitkeeper Software Discussion:

  • Software to organize discussion book sets.
  • Decision to fund for 2 years at $475/year for the consortium. Small group of libraries in Chittenden County will be active on the software initially. The Milton director, Susan Larson will establish ground rules for this service.

Revisit New Logo – TABLED

Other: No discussion.

Next Meeting: April 12th.