GMLC Board Meeting Minutes

October 5, 2018

In attendance: Wendy Hysko, Richard Pritsky, Chris Kirby, Lisa Von Kann, Kim Peine, Mara Siegel, and Cindy Weber.

NOTE: It was noted that the ten-year celebration occurs on the same day, October 19th, as the quarterly VOKAL meeting  (9:30 at Carpenter Carse) and the Vermont Department of Libraries Open House (1:00 to 4:00). Jennifer from VTLib apologized for the inconvenience.

Ten-Year Celebration:

  • The GMLC 10-Year Anniversary celebration will take place at the Trapp Family Lodge Bierhall on Friday, October 19th from 4 to 6.
  • The GMLC board will arrive at the Bierhall at 3:00.
  • Kim said that given the number of members that answered the attendance survey, she projects that there will be a maximum of 50 attendees.
  • The board selected from the Bierhall Appetizer Platters Menu and agreed to purchase 8 platters, which serves 25 people each. The total for these platters will be around $750. There will be a cash bar, which includes beer, red and white house wines, and non-alcoholic drinks. The rental cost of the space has been waived.
  • Kim will organize a raffle of GMLC hats for the members that attend.
  • Wendy proposed a handout with GMLC historical context/data for the event. There was some discussion regarding member counts per year: in 2008 there were 98 LUV libraries; currently there are 160 LUV libraries.
  • Kim will send out a reminder notice for the celebration.

Treasurer’s Report:

  • Kim discussed the budget and it was determined that not all of the budget amounts that were previously discussed and approved were added to the current version of the budget. Lisa will contact the accountant.

Revisit New Logo:

  • Lisa had a member call stating she was confused about our website and the connection between Overdrive, LUV, and GMLC. This is definitely a good reason to clear up our logo. Kim and Lisa will work on the logo and the board will discuss at the next meeting.


  • Some of the GMLC libraries have Integrated Library Systems that are not compatible with SIP and must stay for various reasons with EZProxy. Verso libraries have an ILS that is support by SIP but the vendor wants to charge each individual module a $250 setup fee and $250 annually. Follett and Library World libraries do not have ILS’s that are supported by SIP.
  • Kim and Chris will work on a list of libraries that can convert to SIP but have not initiated this change. They will plan to convert one at a time.
  • There will be a VOKAL Reports workshop on November 2nd at the Stowe Free Library.