• GMLC Go-To-Meeting

    April 7, 2017

    Members present: Wendy, Richard, Chris, Lisa

    1. Chris sent final Collection Development Policy to Hannah to share with selectors and comment on significant issues – will vote it in as our policy at May 19 meeting.
    1. Plan for raising fees:

    January 2019 will start increasing fee per circulation from $.10 to $.20 specifically to buy more content.

    Advantage libraries that spend more than $1000 for content between June 2017 and October 2018 will only have an increase to $.15/circ.

    This will be communicated to all GMLC libraries at our Annual Meeting / in a message to our GMLC google group / in the fall Annual Renewal letter.

    1. Approved move of 20K from VOKAL to Courier Service
    1. Draft Agenda for Annual Meeting: (GMLC Board will meet at Brownell for meeting and then have lunch together.)

    GMLC Annual Meeting

    June 2, 11 AM - noon


    Section reports (VOKAL, LUV, Delivery, Mango) Lisa will send out annual report to members in advance of meeting through google group

    New Business:

    Raising fees

    Delivery Service contract extended to end of year


    1. Lisa will send out Delivery agreements to the group after Wendy has spoken with Matt about his liability for damaged materials (basically we think he should have no liability.) Wendy will add language to agreements to this effect.
    1. Bylaws reminder to Cindy (absent from meeting)

    Next Meeting

    Friday, May 19, 2 PM