June 2, 2017

11:00 a.m.

No board elections this year. Some terms will be up for election next year.

Listen Up! Vermont - Chris Kirby reported on Listen Up! Vermont. Circulation has increased (for statistics, see Annual report at Chris expressed gratitude for the GMLC board to the VTLIB for their support and to the individuals (Hannah Peacock, Joan LaJoie, Lisa Milchman, and Christian Collins) who volunteer their time to purchase for the collection. This past year, the GMLC board developed a comprehensive collection development policy for Listen UP! Vermont.

Any questions about Listen Up! Vermont … go to website, and send an email.

A new fee schedule will be put in place in January 2019.

There is the potential to extend borrowing times to 21 days at a later date. The board and the collection development volunteers are working on the availability of items / holds issue for the time being.

GMLC will ask for your library’s patron count through the annual renewal. As the fee is based on this number, it is advisable to purge your expired patron records before renewing.

Mango Languages - Kim Peine reported on Mango (see Annual report for statistics). Use of this service is increasing. Be sure to let your patrons know about this opportunity to learn another language, including Pirate!

VOKAL - Richard Pritsky reported on VOKAL, which consists of 58 libraries to date (see Annual Report for specifics). Consideration for new VOKAL member libraries will be given to those who have a mentoring relationship with another VOKAL member library.

The VOKAL Implementation Committee no longer exists and has been merged into the VOKAL Help Committee. Please contact the committee (see for questions and/or problems.

Vermont Delivery Service – Wendy Hysko reported on the delivery system (see Annual Report for statistics.) 86 libraries currently take part in the delivery system. VTLIB plans to take over this project in 2018. Supplies (bags and bins) can be ordered through VTLIB. Contact Mara at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

No new libraries will be added at this time. The GMLC board will revisit this in the fall to see if VTLIB is ready to take over. To be added to the delivery system listserv, contact the board on

Raising Listen Up! Vermont fees – Lisa von Kann reported on the increase of LUV fees.  In January 2019, a new fee schedule will be implemented. The fee increase has been delayed until that time in order to assist in libraries’ budgeting, and the new funds will allow for the purchase of more content for LUV.

Original formula:

$100 admin fee + # of patrons x $0.28 + last year LUV circ x $0.10

New formula:

$100 admin fee + # of patrons x $0.28 + last year LUV circ x $0.20

Overdrive Advantage – Lisa von Kann reported on Overdrive Advantage. When a library buys $1000 of content through Overdrive Advantage, GMLC will provide a price break.

New formula with $1000 content purchased:

            $100 admin fee + # of patrons x $0.28 + last year LUV circ x $0.15

To become an Overdrive Advantage library, contact GMLC at $1000 is required for setup, but then you have that $1000 for purchasing content.

There are occasional Overdrive Advantage specials. GMLC will keep you informed of these specials.

The above price break will be given to those who purchase $1000 worth of content between July 2017 and December 2018.

The new pricing will be posted on the website soon.

Libraries can check their credit content by going to Overdrive Marketplace. If you are unclear how to access Overdrive Marketplace, contact GMLC through


  • The GMLC annual meeting usually occurs at the Vermont Library Association Conference. If members like this new format (Go To Meeting) please let the board know.
  • GMLC hopes to provide webinars for training in the near future.
  • If you would like to be on a mailing list, contact GMLC through
  • Remember that the VOKAL quarterly meetings are mandatory for members.