February 5, 2016


Wendy Hysko, Chris Kirby, Owen McDermott, Kim Peine, Richard Pritsky, Lisa von Kann, Cindy Weber

Next meeting:

April 8, 2pm via GTM
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  • Treasurer Report:
    Grant categories have been created and straightened out as requested by Board.
    DOL Grant for LUV has been spent, thank you to LUV buyers.
    Send billing for DS to Lisa.
  • LUV Report:
    The LUV login page now says “Password” instead of the confusing “Pin”. Thank you Chris!
    Hannah is monitoring expiring holds and managing them if there are outstanding holds.
    Overdrive Advantage transfers can be done annually. OA libraries can select a range to transfer.
    The Board needs to discuss how to manage LUV growth in the future.
  • Officer Elections:
    Wendy Hysko, President, term expires 2019
    Owen McDermott, Treasurer, term expires 2019
    Kim Peine, Secretary, term expires 2019
    Nominated by Richard Pritsky, Seconded by Lisa von Kann, accepted by Board.
  • Delivery Service Update:
    Going well, minor issues being dealt with as they arise. VTLib writing grant for subsidies to libraries and working on RFP to enable them to take over the Delivery Service in the future.
    Wendy will provide Delivery Service issues documentation to Mara so that VTLib is aware of problems that have arisen and allow them to gauge how ILL personnel are managing problems statewide.
  • Bilbioboard:
    Loona suggested GMLC look at Bilblioboard (it has been looked at in the past). The Board is not interested in looking into Bibliboard at this time as the other projects are very active at the moment.