October 2, 2015


Wendy Hysko, Chris Kirby, Owen McDermott, Kim Peine, Lisa von Kann, Cindy Weber

Next meeting:

December 4, 2pm via GTM
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  1. Discussion
  • VOKAL:
    Nick is leaving to work for Bywater. We are very happy that we will have him as a Bywater partner and will be slightly restructuring VOKAL support.
  • LUV:
    There have been some VOKAL libraries that have signed up for the Overdrive integration. Overdrive is working on getting them set up on their end. Libraries will be reminded to sign up at the next VOKAL meeting in October.
  • Delivery Service:
    The board will meet with the Department of Libraries on October 13th to discuss the deliverables, budget, timing and announcement information. Lisa will be talking to Catamount at their next meeting in October.
  • Treasuer:

On track. Move Tarrant and Ben & Jerry’s line items to Grants.
1 library left to pay VOKAL fees for this year. Lisa will follow up.

VTLib grant of $10K will be adjusted in budget and used at Hannah’s discretion. Lisa will follow up with Hannah.

  • Tarrant Grant:

We were awarded a $2,500 grant from the Tarrant Foundation to assist with helping libraries get started on LUV. The grant will be offered to the 10 first libraries that would like to sign up as $500 grants. The information will be put on the GMLC site, sent to GMLC Users group, on FB and (with the State’s permission) published on VALS.

  • Overdrive Advantage Transfers:
    Table until December meeting.
  • Bibliobard: Not interested at this time.