Wendy Hysko, Chris Kirby, Kim Peine, Lisa von Kann, Lucinda Walker

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January 10, 2014 2pm via GTM
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  • Budget:
    Reminder that GMLC has a calendar year billing cycle while VOKAL in on fiscal year. Budget on track. Tax consultant hired and will have taxes completed before the due date of 11/15.

  • Overdrive (LUV):
    No news to report from Lyndsey. Overdrive offers a tech support option for patrons that might be of interest. Chris & Lyndsey will talk to Overdrive to get information on what is meant by population area and more specifics.

    LUV Selection Policy:
    Sample policy on Google Docs for review by board.

  • GMLC Billing:
    Currently there are three tiers of exit fees. Vote to change exit fee to flat rate of $300 approved. Lisa is reviewing outstanding invoices. She will forward on a list of libraries that have not paid and are no longer members to Chris for cleanup. Chris suggested that there be documents created on signing up and removing libraries.

  • Mileage Reimbursement Policy:
    Basic policy obtained from Lucinda. Modified to include co-chair approval. Mileage line item will be added into budget next year.
  • New Initiatives:
    Lynda: This is an online training product focused on technology. After review of the pricing the board decided to decline pursuing. Representative is also talking to VTLIB.

    Hoopla & Zinio: Kim will put together a survey to send out to the member libraries to see what interest level is in both of the products. We will proceed based on the results.
  • VHC Grant Report: Margaret and Owen were unable to be at the meeting. They are administering the grant and working on purchasing materials and the publicity required.
  • Digital Conference: VTLIB has asked GMLC to co-sponsor a Digital Conference this summer for librarians. We are interested but require more details.
  • Other Business: Wendy reported that Kohacon was informative and that it was good to meet the Bywater support groups that we interact with weekly. Koha is worldwide software and the conference enabled her to meet with many other groups.