In attendance:  Mary Danko, Stephanie Chase, Wendy Hysko, Virgil Fuller, Chris Kirby, Debra Tinkham, & Lucinda Walker

Via Open Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 11:05 a.m.

I. Board Size and position of Past Board President

Discussion about increasing size of board to seven members.  It was decided that we will pose this question to the membership at the annual meeting.  The Past Board President will remain in an advisory role for a term of one year.

2. Finance Report

Mary has met with our new bookkeeper, Diane Dupre.  Diane audited the accounts and we have a surplus of $10,000.  Full finance reports will be available at the Board retreat.

3. Vermont DOL Update

Mary and Lucinda met with Marty Reid in February to discuss upcoming programs & services.  The GMLC and the DOL will keep each other abreast of possible new programs and services.  The DOL is working on an open source project but at this time,  is not interested in Koha.

4. Harper Collins eBook Changes

Harper Collins is now limiting ebooks to 26 circulations.  Mary & Stephanie will draft a response for the LUV website.

5. eBook selection policy

LUV will purchase popular titles  for this first year and we will re-evaluate this policy next year. We will also highlight always available/Guttenberg titles.

6. VOKAL project request

Wendy discussed the VOKAL development project request.  The total amount requested was $2440.  The items on the list would fix issues in the Koha union catalog.  The motion was made to accept this list and provide funding.  It passed unanimously.

7. Board Strategy Meeting

Mary will re-send the doodle poll so that we can schedule a Board retreat.

8. Annual Meeting

As with past years, we will hold the annual meeting during the VLC.  Mary will check with John Payne to see about the availability of a meeting room.  The annual meeting will be scheduled after the conclusion of the VLC.

9 New Business

Chris Kirby discussed moving the EZProxy from the Middlebury server to the ByWater Server.  The Board gave him permission to explore this option and to spend up to $2500 on such a move.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:05 PM