As the Green Mountain Library Consortium continues to grow, we’re looking for volunteers!

Projects Advisory Board. We frequently receive suggestions for services or projects to investigate offering at a state wide level; we’d love to be able to move more quickly on these suggestions, and think an advisory board would be the perfect starting point for these projects. Member libraries would contact the Projects Advisory Board with suggestions, which the Projects Advisory Board would decide whether or not to move forward with. The Projects Advisory Board would obtain pricing and information, and pass that on to the Green Mountain Library Consortium Board of Directors, along with their recommendation.

Members on the Projects Advisory Board would need to meet only as frequently as they decide, although, for budgeting purposes, not less than once every six months. Certainly, much, if not all, of the work of the group could be done via email or Skype conference call.

Grants Committee.  We would like to put together a committee to investigate grants large and small.

This committee would need to have a chair who can divvy up assignment. Small grants could be written by individual members, perhaps even in partnership with their own library; larger grants could be viewed as “one-time” projects, requiring work for a period of time, but not requiring meetings outside of that project.

Substitute Librarian Pool. Substitute arrangements, payment, etc. are between libraries, and not the Consortium.