Present: Stephanie Chase, Judah Hamer & Lucinda Walker

    1. Review of documents pertaining to 501(c) 3 status:

The documents drafted by GMLC attorney, Brian Murphy were reviewed. We will look into purchasing Board & Directors insurance. It was decided to keep all of Mr. Murphy’s suggestions. It will be added to the Bylaws that if Consortium fees are not paid, libraries will lose all access to content and tech support. The Board of Directors will set up a meeting with Mr. Murphy in May to make final changes. The Annual Meeting will be scheduled during VLA.

    1. 2009 GMLC Fees

It was decided that 2009 fees (beginning 1/1/09) will be 3% of a library’s total materials budget. Libraries will not have to commit for a specific number of years.

  1. Grants Committee
  1. Update on Current Projects

Judah is working on statistics for our blog. 1000 audios have been checked out as of this date!

  1. Future Projects

The meeting was adjourned at 4:00 PM